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     Full nuts and plain washers.
 Pack contains total qty as stated.
 10 nuts & washers of each size.
Nuts are a fastening device consisting of a hexagonal block with a hole in the center having a  thread that fits on the male threads of an associated bolt or  screw. A bolt or screw with a nut is widely used for fastening machine and structural components.
These are standard full nuts and washers. Other types are available on the steel nuts and washers page.
Washers are used in conjunction with a screw fastener such as a bolt and nut and that usually serves either to keep the screw from loosening or to distribute the load from the nut or bolt head over a larger area. It is not necessary to use a washer with nut and bolt. However, they are an excellent addition to protect the surface from damage as they evenly distribute the pressure of the installation and keep the fasteners from corroding. Not using washers can significantly impact the durability of the product.



   Nut and Washer Packs

These packs are a comprehensive range of mild steel nuts & washers in various sizes. Consisting of 10 mild steel nuts and 10 mild steel washers of each size.
The packs are available in BA, 70 nuts & washers. Metric, 70 nuts & washers.
BSW/BSF combined, 80 nuts & washers. UNC/UNF combined, 110 nuts & washers.
All bagged and labelled individually.

BA nut and washer pack (10 of each size)

2ba  3ba  4ba  5ba  6ba  7ba  8ba     total of 70 nuts & 70 washers  £7.28

Metric nut and washer pack (10 of each size)

M8  M6  M5  M4  M3  M2.5  M2      total of 70 nuts & 70 washers  £6.64  


BSW / BSF nut and washer pack (10 of each size )

BSW & BSF  3/8"   5/16"    1/4"    3/16"   combined total of 80 nuts & 80 washers  £13.60


UNC / UNF nut and washer pack (10 of each size)

UNC    3/8"   5/16"   1/4"   10/24   8/32   6/32   4/40
UNF     3/8"   5/16"   1/4"   10/32    combined total of 110 nuts & 110 washers  £13.60